Capsule Wardrobe 101

What is a capsule wardrobe? What to wear with what? How to create a capsule wardrobe? Let's explain in order, at least we want to try to explain, when our language returns..

When we think of capsules, we all think of the same thing: boxes and containers designed in different colors and containing tiny pieces . Medicine capsules, vitamin capsules, coffee capsules… they are all alike and they are everywhere :)

It can be said that capsule wardrobe, capsule wardrobe or capsule clothing actually come from a similar point of view.

It is in the form of a cabinet that contains more than one piece and holds them all together, and it contains a whole.

I'm translating from Wikipedia ahem ahem; Capsule clothing or capsule wardrobe defined by Susie Faux , the owner of the boutique named “Wardrobe” in the 1970s; It expresses a small collection created by complementing pieces such as skirts, pants and coats that will not go out of fashion with seasonal products. It is also popularized in 1985 when Donna Karan's capsule collection consisting of 7 pieces that can be integrated with each other was released.

Donna Karan, Capsule Clothing

Donna Karan – 7 easy pieces collection

Our mission starts right here; Our aim is to “integrate” the pieces that should be in every woman's closet with seasonal trends ; To offer you capsules consisting of 6 parts that can be used with each other. If you want to see samples of our capsules, you can click here -->.. :)

We will try to explain what should be considered when arranging a capsule wardrobe, who or how Susie Faux defines the capsule wardrobe, what kind of pieces she has in her closet ;)

You can visit the following websites for what we copied.




The first of the images is by Jonathan Adler, and the second is deep inside Pinterest.

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