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All Details About Capsule Wardrobe

In our previous article, we talked about what you need to know and the initial stages to prepare a capsule wardrobe. Now we will talk about the process of preparing a capsule wardrobe step by step.

First step: Empty all your clothes in your closet and drawers! :)

- Sort your clothes into groups:
+ your loved ones
+ “Maybe”s
+ "No!"s. (You can sell this group on 2nd hand sites or donate to charities.)
+ Those in need of repair (broken buttons, ripped seams, size or height corrections)
+ Clothes for special occasions
+ Seasonal/trend clothing
+ Sportswear

- Sort what you don't need and put it away to sell or donate. No, and those whose size is no longer suitable for you, those whose quality you do not like, those who have stains, holes, etc., those that do not fit your style anymore, and those that you do not feel comfortable wearing, let's take them with them :)

- Put your clothes that are not suitable for the season in another place separately.

And now we come to the closet…

- Start creating your new wardrobe by categorizing it. First, basics, then seasonal clothes, then sportswear and finally special occasion clothes.

- Choose your basics from your favorites and maybe the group; Neutral colors suitable for all occasions and all year, and pieces consisting of your favorite colors that you use most often fall into this group.

- Add seasonal pieces in matching colors to your neutrals and basics.

- Select the pieces you want to add in line with the trend. Do not be afraid to include patterns and auxiliary solid colors in colors that can be combined with your basics here!

- Your capsule wardrobe with your favorite basics, seasonal clothes and a few trendy pieces is ready!

Let's get to the examples; You can find sample pieces for the summer capsule wardrobe plan below ;)

Tops: White shirt, linen shirt - denim shirt (see City Club collection:), white and black short-sleeved T-shirt, beige cardigan, gray cardigan, ecru sweatshirt, ecru sleeveless body ( see Marrakech collection: ) striped patterned blouse, floral print blouse, season trend frilly blouse
Bottoms: Light colored denim mom-fit trousers, black relax fit denim, beige slouchy trousers, beige mini skirt, patterned paperbag shorts ( see Marrakech collection: ), patterned straight fit shorts ( see City Club collection: )
Dresses: Light denim chambray dress, mid-length gray dress, beige striped mini dress, long colorful floral dress suitable for summer evenings…

Now you can stick to your capsule wardrobe and shop only for the pieces you really need. Thus, by adding a few items every year, you will both refresh your capsule wardrobe and reduce the budget you spend on shopping.

Author ; Bilge Çilekar
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