Undiscarded Fabrics

When we started 3x2, we started out as a fashion brand, basically; analyzes were made, trends were researched, of course. However, the account at home did not fit the market :)

We thought a lot about the first capsule and decided on the jacket and trouser suit ( suits ), the most effortless elegance piece of stylish women; Of course, by adding the 3rd element to this, we think; crop top Suits, which started with the tuxedos that Yves Saint Laurent brought to the world of women's clothing in 1966, would be the first capsule of #3x2women, who wanted to show that they were determined to take more part in daily life.

Processes in textile start from the model shop , similar to almost every sector. While we were wondering whether we should start like this, we found ourselves in a friend's model house for the first samples. (We can't underestimate his support, he has been very supportive in every way. We would like to thank you again :) ) Rehearsals were made, the first patterns were prepared, we need fabric for the jacket, a button for the piece; zipper sleeve wadding for trousers... Osmanbey , you're Merter , I'm shopping for wholesale fabric shops. First, due to inexperience, we hesitantly entered wholesale fabric shops, then Hürrem / Atlas fabric 180 gr/m; We found ourselves searching for satin crepe 200-250 gr/m2 suitable for the jacket . Accessory work is even more fun; because the variety is plentiful: It was wadding, lining, buttons, even metal hanger adjustment accessories. They all have separate wholesalers and yes, they are mostly in Merter. Because, Merter, we learned as we were lining up the caravan on the road that textile is the center of fashion and accessories . For those who are wondering if Google helps a little, you write “ wadding ” in the map applications, there are a few suggestions; some are a small workshop under the stairs , some are even more beautiful; It was inside an inn and even closed three years ago. But the most beautiful thing is to travel boool a lot. While you are on the road, you find an accessory shop by chance on the right, maybe the uncle there does not take responsibility and says, "Whatever I say, my daughter will be a lie, you take a trip" and comes out, but the second brother obviously has an answer; gives full address or even name.

We wandered, wandered and tatatataaaaam. Patterns are ready, fabric is determined ; pads, metal hanger adjustments, lining, interlinings and all the trinkets I hadn't thought of were ready. We were sent to the Dikimhane to meet Saban Abi. He says I can't give your job anywhere, it has to be of good quality, it has to be neat , wait until the end of the week. we came across; Despite our best efforts, it came out of nowhere: COVID-19 . We would either go to the fabric store or stay #evdekal and stay healthy, the conditions decided for us, the corona came, the fabrics left, and our jackets remained as fabrics that were not thrown out with cake .

Did we give up, of course not :) We wanted to write a blog where we tell about the lining ball, uncut fabrics, cakes and not thrown patterns, and share our beginning story... For now, it's just writing , but when these isolation days are over, we are here with our products!

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